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A Basic Guide to Double Strollers

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The happiest moment of a married couple’s life is the birth of their child and the happiness became twice when they have twins. But birth of twins also brings double responsibilities and double expenses too. A baby stroller is a first and very essential thing to be purchased after birth of your child. So whether you have twins or two small children, double stroller is best suitable option for you. As it allows you to give ride to both of your children at once. Nowadays there are various options are available in the market for double strollers. But choosing the right one for your baby is kind of tricky. As all the manufacturers try to make a high end product and always offers you something special that is pretty much different than other one its difficult to choose the best one. Manufacturers always try to grab your attention as they are well aware about the fact that when it comes to baby, parents always wants the best and don’t hesitate to spend some extra money that require for extra facilities and also extra security.

Types of Double strollers

So generally double stroller is divided in three major categories

1. Tandem or back to back double stroller
2. Side-by-side double stroller
3. Sit and stand stroller

As par the names given to those stroller types, they have been generally divided based on their seating arrangement. We are now going to discuss each of them in detail and you can select for either one as per your convenience.

Tandem or back to back double stroller

Tandem double stroller is again divided into three types depending on the sitting arrangement style. In first type of tandem stroller it allows your children to sit one behind the other where the back seat is slightly lift up and sometimes reclined fully or slightly with compare to the front seat. The second type of seating arrangement for best tandem stroller is one above another where the back seat is located under the front seat. And in the third type of tandem stroller, seat arrangement for both your children is front to front where children can interact with each other.

This type of stroller has narrow width which makes it easy while moving through narrow spaces. This type stroller is easy to handle and even takes less space to store.

2. Side-by-side double stroller

This type of stroller allows your children to sit next to each other during ride. Though this kinds of stroller is more comfortable for your babies, its little bit hard to operate them as it is wide. This stroller even takes much space to store. But when you have twins or when the weight distribution of your both children is same then you can consider this type of stroller.

3. Sit and stand stroller

This is another type of double stroller which is more flexible as compared to other two. Basically its design is very much like tandem stroller where the sits of your children are arranged one behind the other. This stroller is generally suitable for the children of different ages where the older child has the option for standing or sitting in the back while the infant can lie down in front seat. In some models of this type of stroller’s, manufacturers also give you the freedom to remove the back seat.

As these strollers also have narrow width like tandem stroller they are also easy to handle through narrow spaces.

Apart from above discussed three types of double strollers, they also can be divided into two more categories based on their functionality.

  • Double Jogging stroller and
  • Umbrella stroller

1. Double Jogging Stroller

In this stroller sitting arrangement of children is designed in either side by side way or by tandem way. This type of stroller is generally very strong and has the fixed three wheels design just like tricycle that provides the extra stability while running. This type of stroller allows parents to take their children with them while jogging in the park or in the city. Due to its sturdy design this stroller is also convenient to take children for a long walk even through the rough landscape. And as this is specially designed for jogging purpose, it is provided with some extra features like shock absorbing suspension, air filled tires, adjustable tracking knobs etc which will provide you the safety, stability and performance.

While purchasing the jogging stroller besides all its safety and comforting features you can also check for its brake system. A good jogging stroller has two types of brakes one is on handle whose main function is to slow down the speed while another is foot operating brake which is for a complete stop.

Though this is good for jogging purpose and long walk in straight line due to the rigid wheel which is in front side, it makes the stroller difficult to turn in narrow spaces and that’s also the reason you can’t conveniently handle the two seat jogging stroller for your regular visit in nearby market or in shopping complex.

2. Umbrella Stroller

This type of stroller generally comes under side by side type strollers. But its curved handle and umbrella like folding design gave it this name. This is comparatively lighter and smaller stroller than any other type of stroller. Due to its lightweight characteristic it becomes very convenient to handle this stroller in narrow and crowded places and just because of these features parents love to use this stroller while they travel with their babies through bus, train or airplane.

So if you are a much of a travel person and also wants to explore the world with your twin babies then this would be the perfect choice for you.

So these are all types of double baby stroller. We have provided you with the details about double baby stroller but depending upon your needs and your budget you can choose either of them.

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